Etnia is inspired by the patterns created by woven cane on baskets that are found commonly in ethnics of Africa or Indonesia and used commonly through the Mediterranean.

The chromatic scale used on the modules create a “Mikado-like” composition on the ground, where natural wooden coloured sticks overlap one another.

There are two modules in this family; the first one is fully modular, making each module interact with the adjacent ones no matter the position; the second one creates a division, that can be used either to close the design and start a blank area, to create a corridor or to compose a triangle-based kaleidoscopic pattern that can increase in size. The closing modules are inspired by the top frames of woven baskets where the cane has to stop before turning around.

Each hexagonal tile has three large lines that create a triangle within and three small ones that are used to connect the next module. The separation between these lines represent a change of level, as if one line goes under the other, like intertwining cane.


Mosaics Martí



David Galvañ & Manuel Bañó

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