45 is a table system that covers dining, coffee and desk tables. Its 45º faceted inner faces create a meeting plane which is reinforced with a tongue creating a strong bond. 45 is manufactured in 5 different sizes which can generate more than 100 combinations ; from the standard of 1800 x 900 or 1000×1000, to a smaller 1600 x 800, 1200 x 600 or 600 x 600 without changing the connection system and maintaining the same leg in 2 heights.


45 takes advantage of the latest technology, precision and speed CNC machines. It is mechanized so that the touching surfaces and the tongue fit together to obtain a strong joint and a flawless finish with a minimal material waste.


45 is produced in oak and it can be lacquered or tainted in various colors. Different finishes in the tops, legs and/or tongues can be combined to achieve more formal or more casual tables.






David Galvañ & Manuel Bañó

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